Strategic's Environmental Friendly Cleaning Policy

Have faith in Strategic’s environmentally friendly cleaning policy! We keep a close relationship with many industry regulations in order to bring the best possible cleaning solution for our clients:

  • Highest OSHA safety standards
  • USGBC’s LEED cleaning recommendations
  • Materials carrying the CRI Seal of Approvement
  • EPA’s environmentally friendly cleaning solution list
  • Products that have been approved by Green Seals

Keeping ourselves up to date with these recommendations and guides allows us to deliver an uncompromised cleaning service. Not only is it safe for the environment, but it is also safe for our clients.

Furthermore, abiding to the Low Environmental Impact Policies, we manage to reduce the overall amount of toxins that would be used in our cleaning processes. Reducing these toxins provides better protection for our client’s health.

The Low Environmental Impact Policies that we create are customized cleaning programs that include specifications for our training, our products, our equipment, the frequency of cleaning procedures, and valid documentation and monitoring of the job.

What Are the Limitations of our 100% Eco-friendly Products?

Using our products we manage to clean and restore approximately 95% of all carpets. Although the majority of spills and other stains can be safely removed using green products, there are cases where green products can’t deliver the expected result. In such cases, like coffee stains, tar stains, etc., we are obliged to use less eco-friendly substances in order to completely remove the stains. Although these products are less eco-friendly, their properties are still within healthy regulations. If you want to find out more about the products that we use, feel free to ask us for a copy of our safety data sheet.

At your request, our team can use 100% eco-friendly products. However, please note that in some cases, the result of the cleaning process may not be the best in these cases.

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